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group of men and women mingling together in an aftercare program for addiction recoveryWhen searching for addiction treatment programs in North Carolina, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. Some assume that, following the successful completion of a drug rehabilitation program, all the hard work is done. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. While achieving sobriety is a monumental accomplishment for anyone, sobriety is an ongoing process that requires emotional guidance and a long-term support system. These support systems are often found in aftercare programs. Aftercare programs are a form of substance abuse treatment that is undertaken once someone has successfully achieved sobriety. These programs can take on a variety of shapes and sizes but always carry the same goal: maintaining sobriety. 

Using Rehab Aftercare As a Sobriety-Based Safety Net

Rehab aftercare program plans are often developed as patients come to close the end of a rehabilitation program. One does not need to have completed a rehabilitation program to enjoy the benefits of an aftercare program. The only requirement is successfully reaching sobriety. Aftercare programs are designed to prevent relapse by utilizing various strategies, and coping mechanisms learned during the recovery process. While relapse prevention is ultimately the goal, the techniques used to achieve that goal can vary greatly. Some of the programs provided during aftercare are:

  • Career counseling 
  • Job assistance
  • Substance monitoring
  • Academic support
  • Legal advice
  • Personal therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Academic support

These programs don’t just help those in recovery stay sober; they also help people take back control of their lives in a way that feels meaningful and productive to them. 

Evaluating Aftercare Service Options

Patients will review the available programs and make a selection based on what they believe to be most critical in maintaining their sobriety. For some, the most important thing might be academics or their career, while for others, it might be as simple as staying busy. Regardless of the shape rehab aftercare programs take on, what’s most important is that patients feel their aftercare program is aiding their sobriety and pushing them forward in life. Aftercare support systems are designed to help recovering addicts set and accomplish achievable goals, repair past relationships, and provide guidance when starting new relationships. 

Finding an Aftercare Program In Asheville, North Carolina

There is no shortage of aftercare programs in Asheville, North Carolina. Two well-known forms of aftercare are Narcotics Anonymous and the 12-Step-Program. While these programs have benefited those in recovery, they aren’t always the best fit. Whether it stems from religious conflict or an aversion to group settings, these programs often ask the patient to fit the program rather than having the program fit the patient. As is always the case with addiction and recovery, there isn’t any single solution or aftercare plan that will help everyone.

The best aftercare program is designed by both patient and therapist and should be tailored to the individual needs and aspirations of the patient. These programs will consider everything that a patient has gone through during their addiction and time in recovery, highlighting areas where the patient has been successful and addressing the areas that require more attention. That is why meeting with a specialist is essential when considering an aftercare program. Meeting with a therapist or counselor to discuss aftercare plans can help ensure that those in recovery find the programs that best fit their needs. 

Getting Help At Insight Recovery

Recovery is never an easy process; the more support provided, the better the chances of success. At Insight Recovery, we offer a wide range of services specially crafted for a variety of substance abuse issues, each provided by specialists chosen for their dedication and experience in the field. For more information on rehab aftercare and other mental health services, contact us today at 828.826.1376