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Employee Assistance Programs

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a family benefits from employee assistance programs for addiction treatment

When addiction takes hold of your life, it can damage so many aspects of your existence. Addiction is a disease, and like many diseases, it spreads. The way that addiction spreads is through the way it affects your life. Your relationships, hobbies, and education can suffer tremendously, and the only way out is to work hard and find good treatment. Your substance abuse disorder might have been costly, or you may feel like you can’t find good treatment with your job or income, but don’t give up. It may be that rehab admissions are more accessible than you think.

North Carolina employee assistance programs are out there. A good addiction treatment program, like Insight Recovery Center, can help determine how those can benefit you in a rehabilitation treatment setting. Therapy and counseling are also available in aftercare to help you manage the task of transitioning out of treatment and back to daily life. Returning to your job can be a significant part of this process, as your work can feel like a lease on freedom and independence.

Insight Recovery Center is happy to work with employee assistance programs for anyone seeking treatment with us. For more information about how you can depend on us, call us at 828.826.1376.

Workplace Addiction and You

Substance abuse can leave its marks on any workplace, but some work environments can exacerbate addiction patterns and make it more difficult to heal. It may be that a certain office culture or career path has become a trigger for you. High-stress work environments and client or consumer-facing roles have been suggested to have higher addiction rates. A toxic work culture or a situation in which your employer or coworkers are users can also be supremely unhealthy for anyone in recovery.

On the other side of that coin, even in a positive workplace, it’s easy to feel like you can’t turn to an employer for help. Many people struggling with addiction say or do things fueled by withdrawal or a high that doesn’t reflect their true feelings. Heavy substance abuse and addiction while trying to maintain a job can lead to:

  • Decreased overall work performance, or a decline in productivity
  • Instances of stealing from the workplace to fund an addiction
  • Interpersonal conflict due to the psychological and behavioral side effects of substance abuse
  • Chronic absenteeism, or a failure to keep up with work responsibilities and meetings
  • A much higher potential for workplace accidents and injuries

It may not seem like it, but this is exactly why EAPs, or employee assistance programs, can help. If you’re in need of treatment, then your employer will also benefit from you receiving it. When an EAP helps you, it helps your workplace too.

How Can an EAP Help?

An EAP, or employee assistance program, is a program that’s offered by an employer to help you resolve issues that are weighing on you. A substance abuse disorder is only one situation in which an EAP can be beneficial. Others include:

  • Mental health issues
  • Unprocessed grief or trauma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Workplace violence

An EAP can be used in several different situations, but the basics are the same. An employee can utilize an employee assistance program in order to get confidential free treatment. When you use an EAP, your employer doesn’t know.

Explore Your Treatment Options at Insight Recovery Center

At Insight Recovery Center in North Carolina, we offer a wide variety of treatment styles and therapies to help you find what works for you. We accept a wide range of insurances and work with many different EAP structures. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, don’t wait to seek treatment. Call us at 828.826.1376 today to find out what we can do for you.