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Men’s Rehab Program

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three men congratulating each other at completing a mens rehab programSubstance use disorder can affect anyone from any walk of life, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to address it and heal. Like with any other disease, treatment can be administered for any form of substance addiction. It’s essential that you find a treatment plan that works for your individual situation. Specialized help is often needed, as every instance of addiction differs for each individual. If you’re searching for an addiction treatment program in North Carolina, let the Insight Recovery Center be at the top of your list.

We offer gender-specific treatment in our intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization treatment programs, as men and women face unique challenges and situations in their work toward sobriety. Many men in recovery thrive when offered an opportunity for fraternity and male camaraderie in treatment. By customizing Insight Recovery Center’s treatment programs to fit individual demographics, including gender, we make treatment more effective for each of our clients. 

Learn more about our men’s rehab center by calling us at 828.826.1376 to speak to a trusted member of our staff.

What Makes Addiction Treatment for Men Different?

Many rehab and addiction treatment centers have found that offering gender-specific treatment can help lots of people in recovery more than co-ed treatment. Male-specific substance abuse treatment accommodates the ways in which men face different issues than women in recovery. Men experience addiction at higher rates than women, and substance use related deaths are higher for men than women. In addition, some scientists have found that men are more likely to abuse multiple substances at once.

Someone in recovery for addiction can’t, of course, be completely boiled down to their gender. Lots of factors, both biological and sociological, go into the way a person’s addiction manifests. However, when a facility takes the time to look at how someone’s demographics, including gender, might affect the addiction, it’s easier to form an effective treatment plan. 

Men’s Rehab at Insight Recovery Center

We take pride in offering individualized care that is specifically designed to be helpful to you. When you are in our care, a clinician will evaluate you, your addiction, and the unique details of your situation in order to build the treatment plan that works best for you. In treatment, you will have the opportunity to grow and access tools to help you find lasting sobriety. Some of the therapy options offered at Insight Recovery Center include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, which helps you reframe your thinking and work with therapists to find coping mechanisms that work in your daily life
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy, or DBT, which centers on mindfulness and helps you learn to manage your stress and anxiety levels
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy, or ACT, which is a more action-oriented approach to talk therapy
  • Adventure or experiential therapy, which uses adrenaline and real-life experience to address addiction
  • Dual diagnosis treatment, which can simultaneously address your substance abuse disorder as well as any mental health disorders that may be negatively impacting it
  • Family therapy, which can help you begin to repair relationships, make amends, and be understood by the people that love you

At Insight Recovery Center, what we want most is to accompany you on the long, hard-tread journey to lifetime sobriety. By working with us, you will give yourself access to the best tools possible to help you heal and become the man we know you can be. If you think you could find sobriety and happiness in a male-focused environment, reach out today by calling us at 828.826.1376 or visiting us online to discover what we can do for you.