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5 Benefits of Wilderness Therapy

person standing in rugged outdoor setting at sunrise holding up a cut-out of a smiley face so that the light shines through and they experience the 5 benefits of wilderness therapy

Many therapeutic options are available for those combating a substance use disorder or a mental health condition. One of the treatment options that rehab centers and similar programs may offer is wilderness therapy, which can provide many benefits. Call Insight Recovery Center at 828.826.1376 to learn more about our wilderness therapy program.

What Is Wilderness Therapy?

Wilderness therapy is a type of treatment option that combines being outside with therapy. It can involve outdoor activities, survival skills training, and more.

Some common activities that wilderness therapy can involve are:

  • Expeditions
  • Games
  • Boating
  • Rock climbing
  • Hiking

While outdoors, participants engage in therapy sessions with professionals who can teach communication skills, teamwork strategies, and emotional regulation techniques.

Most of the time, sessions are held in groups. You may find that watching others navigate their behavioral patterns helps you identify negative beliefs and actions so you can replace them with healthier options.

Wilderness therapy is a good option for the treatment of mental health conditions as well as substance use disorders. It can be a valuable component of outpatient treatment.

Benefits of Wilderness Therapy

There are many benefits of wilderness therapy that play a role in finding recovery and can be applied to everyday life.

1. Helps Manage Emotions

Wilderness therapy is a type of experiential therapy. It immerses you in the activity and allows you to become aware of emotions or thoughts you may have pushed aside. Wilderness therapy can help you process those thoughts or emotions and learn how to have more control over them.

2. Offers Health Benefits of Being Outside

Being outside can help you relieve stress, lowering your cortisol levels and heart rate.

Other health benefits of being outside affect your mental health. The outdoors can help you recover from stress more rapidly and can lower your risk of depression. Wilderness therapy can also help you increase your concentration and focus. Because you cannot access your phone, you also learn to be present and more active.

City life can add stressors, as well, with pollutants, noise, and heat being some of the factors that can affect how you feel mentally and physically. By spending time outdoors, you are removing yourself from these stressors.

3. Builds Confidence

Wilderness therapy can help you overcome physical and mental health challenges, allowing you to start trusting yourself and your recovery. As you start seeing what you can achieve while outdoors, you can experience boosts to your self-esteem, encouraging you to continue your recovery.

4. Teaches Leadership Skills and Independence

You learn to trust your instincts with wilderness therapy, relearning how to make decisions and take action. You can also learn leadership skills and feel positive about guiding others.

5. Offers Socialization Opportunities

Isolation can be a problem when going through addiction and even into recovery. Having as many chances to engage with others in healthy ways is crucial.

Wilderness therapy can encourage you to work in groups, and many sessions can also include your family. Working together can help tackle communication issues to ensure that you can continue improving trust levels.

Reap the Benefits of Wilderness Therapy at Insight Recovery Center

Wilderness therapy can be a valuable addition to any program designed to help people battling substance use disorders or mental health conditions. By offering you the chance to try new activities outdoors, away from the noise of the city, wilderness therapy can show you how to improve your leadership skills and trust yourself no matter the situation.

Insight Recovery Center offers wilderness therapy to help you relearn that life is more than addiction or mental illness. By spending time with others outdoors and speaking about your experiences, you can help yourself heal.

Contact Insight Recovery Center today at 828.826.1376 or reach out online.