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Alcohol Rehab in Charlotte, NC

men and women of various ages sitting in a circle during group therapy as part of alcohol rehab in Charlotte, NC

Alcohol addiction can severely affect your life, but with the help of an alcohol rehab near Charlotte, NC, you can stop drinking for good. Reach out to the team at Insight Recovery Center by calling 828.826.1376 to learn about our evidence-based alcohol addiction treatment near North Carolina and get the help you need today.

Signs of an Alcohol Use Disorder

The social acceptance of alcohol use can lead people to not recognize the impact their drinking is having on their lives. People can drink several drinks a day for years, without ever stopping for even a day or two, and may be experiencing debilitating consequences as a result.

Alcohol use disorder can show up in many ways. You may notice substantially lower energy levels, shaky hands in the morning, emotional instability, or a pervasive craving for alcohol. You may even be showing effects of physical damage caused by alcohol, such as a sore or swollen abdomen, which is often the first sign of alcoholic fatty liver.

Clinicians use a number of metrics to determine when a person needs alcohol use disorder treatment. They may ask you the following questions:

  • Have you ever tried to stop or cut down your alcohol use unsuccessfully?
  • Do you have unwanted cravings for alcohol?
  • Does your alcohol use interfere with your work, school, or family life?
  • Do you need to use increasing amounts of alcohol to achieve the desired effect?
  • Has your physical or mental health suffered as a result of your alcohol use?
  • Have you continued drinking despite experiencing several consequences?

Answering yes to any of these questions means you are showing signs of alcohol addiction and may need targeted treatment to help you overcome it.

Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment

A recent Substance Use Indicators Report for Mecklenburg County, NC, found that 8% of adults reported heavy drinking, and 19% reported binge drinking1. Both heavy and binge drinking patterns are key warning indicators for an alcohol use disorder.

At an alcohol rehab near Charlotte, NC, clients can receive targeted, evidence-based therapies to help them overcome the challenges of addiction and build stronger and healthier lives in recovery.

The therapies offered for alcohol use disorder treatment include behavioral interventions and community support options. Some of the most effective treatments for alcohol use disorder treatment include:

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing, also known as motivational enhancement therapy, focuses on helping clients build their own plans for recovery. You and your therapist collaborate to create ideas to resist future alcohol use and build healthier coping strategies.

Group Therapy

Group therapy harnesses the power of peer support to motivate change. Often, the people who know how to help a person with an alcohol use disorder best are people who have been there themselves and made it through to the other side. 

Group therapy brings together people with a common struggle to support each other on the path to recovery.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

People with alcohol use disorder often have co-occurring mental health concerns that can impact their recovery. A dual-diagnosis treatment center treats mental health disorders and addiction simultaneously, allowing you to achieve a holistic state of mental and physical health.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) focuses on helping people reframe maladaptive thought patterns that influence their behaviors. CBT was founded on the idea that thoughts, feelings, and behaviors all influence each other. By changing how you think, you can change how you feel and behave.

Start Alcohol Rehab near Charlotte, NC, with Insight Recovery Center

It can be difficult to see the way out of alcohol use disorder, but with targeted treatment from compassionate providers, everyone can achieve recovery. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, reach out to the team at Insight Recovery Center by calling 828.826.1376 or contacting us online. Located at 2123 Hendersonville Road, Arden, NC 28704, our comfortable center and welcoming staff are here to help you.



1The Charlotte Mecklenburg Drug Free Coalition – “Substance Use Indicators”