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Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

disheveled looking man in business attire holding his head in pain as he experiences the dangers of mixing alcohol and prescription drugs

Any substance use disorder puts your physical and mental health in danger. Illegal substances have harmful side effects, and continued misuse and abuse can lead to addiction. Another significant issue is mixing substances. This is referred to as polysubstance abuse, or consuming more than one substance at once. Whether you are taking multiple illegal substances, mixing them with prescription drugs, or consuming alcohol while on drugs, it is all considered polysubstance abuse. This is both dangerous and can also lead to dependence on multiple harmful substances.

If you have a problem with mixing substances and are struggling with becoming sober, consider contacting a professional treatment facility. At Insight Recovery Center in Asheville, we understand the challenges of addiction, but we believe that each person can heal and turn their life around. Our staff can provide the care and support you need to reach lasting recovery. We provide compassionate care and evidence-based treatments to help individuals overcome addiction and learn how to maintain long-term sobriety. If you are looking for alcohol rehab in Asheville, NC, contact us at 828.826.1376.

The Dangers of Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

Taking alcohol and prescription drugs at the same time can be highly dangerous. Whether it is done deliberately or accidentally, mixing substances can have harmful consequences. However, when someone consumes alcohol when taking prescription drugs, it can reduce the effectiveness of their medication. In other instances, mixing alcohol and prescription drugs can have potentially dangerous interactions, like enhancing the negative side effects of the medication. The severity of the effects varies depending on the type of prescription drugs you are taking. 

Some of the common dangers associated with taking alcohol and prescription drugs are:

  • Inhibiting the effects of your medication
  • An increase in the effects of alcohol, such as loss of coordination
  • Increased potential for organ damage, particularly your liver
  • A decrease in breathing rate
  • Developing a mental health condition

In some cases, the person does not deliberately mix alcohol with medications. They may have a glass of wine with dinner and later realize they should not drink when taking their prescription medication. That is why it is always a good idea to speak with your doctor about what medications you are taking and determine whether it is safe to consume alcohol. However, others intend to mix alcohol and prescription drugs to feel more side effects and enhance the impacts of the substances. In this instance, the individual may require professional addiction treatment to overcome their substance abuse.

Treatment for Polysubstance Abuse

If you are struggling with polysubstance abuse, whether it is alcohol and prescription drugs or another combination, it is recommended to seek professional treatment. Going with withdrawal from multiple substances can be more complex than just one. Detox for polysubstance abuse can be more unpredictable, so being in a safe environment with medical professionals can offer the resources and support you need to achieve sobriety. It is also crucial for individuals to participate in therapy and counseling programs during treatment, where they can better understand themselves and their addiction. In these therapy programs, clients also learn to identify their triggers and develop healthy coping mechanisms. This is an essential part of healing and restoring your well-being.

Contact Insight Recovery Center Today

For those struggling with polysubstance abuse, Insight Recovery Center can help you. We provide treatment programs for various substance use disorders to provide compassionate care for individuals looking to heal and recover. We offer outpatient addiction treatment programs that incorporate the following evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Acupuncture therapy
  • Meditative therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Yoga therapy

To begin your recovery journey today, call us at 828.826.1376 or reach out online.