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5 Tips for Preventing Relapse

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Addiction is a complex condition that affects individuals both physically and mentally. It can lead to severe health problems, strained relationships, and even legal issues if not addressed promptly. One of the most challenging aspects of addiction is the risk of relapse, which is often triggered by stressors or specific environments. Luckily, there are many tips for preventing relapse that can help a person maintain recovery and lead a life of sobriety.

Fortunately, professional addiction treatment centers like Insight Recovery Center in Asheville, North Carolina, provide relapse prevention therapy as part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program. Whether you are just realizing you need help overcoming a substance use disorder, or you are in recovery and need the extra support of developing a relapse prevention plan, Insight Recovery Center can help. Call 828.826.1376 to get started today.

The Nature of Addiction and Risk of Relapse

Addiction is a disease characterized by an individual’s inability to stop using substances despite negative consequences. It involves changes in the brain’s reward system, leading to compulsive drug-seeking behavior. The risk of relapse is high because addiction can create long-lasting changes in the brain, making it challenging to quit without professional help.

An individual with a substance use disorder generally moves through phases of substance use and misuse. What may begin as casual, recreational use develops into misuse. For example, what used to be a single glass of wine with dinner or a few drinks with friends has become binge drinking. As drugs or alcohol begin to change a person’s biochemistry, they may find themselves relying on drugs or alcohol in everyday situations, whether they are stressful or not. Eventually, misuse becomes dependency, where an individual cannot function without drugs or alcohol, and ultimately addiction.

Addiction involves changes to a person’s brain and body chemistry coupled with a learned pattern of habits and behaviors related to specific triggers and situations. For this reason, relapse is always a risk. Months or even years after treatment and into recovery, a trigger or situation could occur that sends an overwhelming urge to use drugs or alcohol. This is why a relapse prevention plan and tips for preventing relapse are crucial to recovery.

Five Tips for Preventing Relapse

Having a relapse prevention plan is essential, but there are many tips for preventing relapse that apply to anyone in recovery from a substance use disorder. Some of these tips include the following:

  1. Develop a strong support network – Surround yourself with positive influences and people who support your recovery journey. This could be family, friends, or support groups.
  2. Engage in regular physical activity – Exercise can help reduce cravings and improve mood, making it a powerful tool in preventing relapse.
  3. Practice mindfulness and stress management techniques – These include activities like yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises that can help manage stress and reduce the risk of relapse.
  4. Follow a healthy diet – A balanced diet can improve your physical health and mood, contributing to overall well-being and recovery.
  5. Stay engaged with aftercare programs – Regularly attending aftercare programs like group therapy or 12-step meetings can provide the ongoing support necessary for maintaining sobriety.

Knowing these tips can help you or a loved one currently in recovery. Support, compassion, and understanding—of yourself and others—are also essential components of relapse prevention therapy.

The Importance of Professional Addiction Treatment and Relapse Prevention Therapy

Professional treatment is crucial in overcoming addiction. At Insight Recovery Center, we understand that recovery is a lifelong journey and provide aftercare and support programs to help individuals maintain their sobriety after completing addiction treatment.

Insight Recovery Center offers a wide range of effective addiction treatment programs tailored to the individual’s specific needs. These include:

  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP) – A highly structured program with around-the-clock treatment and supervision that offers maximum accountability and support at our home-like treatment center.
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP) – Often a step down from a PHP, the IOP still offers a high degree of regimented treatment and structure but affords more flexibility to attend to work or family obligations.

We specialize in treating a variety of addictions, including alcohol, benzo, cocaine, heroin, meth, opioid/opiate, and prescription drugs.

Our professional and compassionate addiction treatment specialists employ evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches to aid recovery, including:

Insight Recovery Center stands out for its clinician-owned and operated facility with 17 years of experience. It offers an intimate, home-like environment conducive to healing and recovery.

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Insight Recovery Center offers North Carolina residents continued guidance and support, helping individuals navigate life after treatment and prevent relapse. They also provide an opportunity for individuals to connect with others who have similar experiences, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out to Insight Recovery Center online or by calling 828.826.1376. Remember, recovery is possible; you’re not alone in this journey.