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Substance Abuse Treatment Program for Men

group of men seated in a circle participating in substance abuse treatment program for men

The United States is currently facing a silent pandemic that has been steadily claiming lives and destroying families for decades—substance addiction. Furthermore, this crisis disproportionately affects men. Caught in the cycle of addiction, many men find themselves battling not only the physical hold of substances but also societal expectations of self-reliant behavior. This combination of factors makes substance abuse treatment for men a challenging topic for men to discuss. As a result, getting individuals to seek a men’s treatment program for substance use disorder is even more critical.

Insight Recovery Center understands addiction and the power of gender-specific treatment. We offer an outpatient men’s rehab program in Asheville, North Carolina. Call 828.826.1376 today to learn more.

Health Effects of Substance Abuse in Men

Substance abuse does not discriminate in its impact on health, but men, in particular, face a host of adverse effects that can lead to long-term consequences if left unchecked:

  • Physical health problems – Prolonged substance abuse can lead to critical health issues such as heart disease, liver damage, and an increased risk of cancer. These conditions not only diminish the quality of life but can also lead to premature mortality.
  • Mental health challenges – Beyond the physical toll, substances wreak havoc on mental well-being. Men grappling with addiction may experience heightened anxiety, depression, and emotional instability.
  • Social and relational turmoil – The strain of addiction extends to personal relationships, leading to emotional detachment and difficulty maintaining stable connections with loved ones.
  • Increased overdose risk – As tolerance to substances grows, so does the risk of overdose—a dangerous outcome that is becoming increasingly common among men in America.

The Need for Gender-Specific Substance Abuse Treatment for Men

Acknowledging the unique experiences and challenges faced by men in addiction recovery is crucial. Effective behavioral healthcare tailored to address these nuances can pave the path to a more successful recovery. Gender-specific treatments offer environments where men can openly discuss and work through issues that may be difficult to express in mixed settings.

At the core of these treatments are evidence-based methodologies designed to tackle both the physiological and psychological facets of addiction:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – This form of therapy aids men in recognizing and recalibrating patterns of thought that contribute to substance use, equipping them with healthier coping mechanisms.
  • Trauma-informed group therapy – Given the strong link between trauma and substance abuse, group sessions dedicated to uncovering and addressing past traumas can foster healing and understanding among peers.
  • Substance abuse education – Knowledge is power. Educating men on the science of addiction, its effects, and strategies for prevention can demystify the process and empower individuals toward recovery.

Our addiction treatment specialists create a personalized treatment plan combining evidence-based therapies with holistic approaches that target the individual’s needs and recovery goals.

Find a Men’s Treatment Program at Insight Recovery Center

At Insight Recovery Center, nestled in the serene backdrop of Asheville, NC, we recognize the courage it takes to confront addiction head-on. Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP) are designed to provide you with the right level of support and accountability in a setting that feels close to home. With a clinician-owned and operated facility boasting almost twenty years of specialized experience, we offer a boutique recovery experience that prioritizes your individual needs.

At Insight Recovery Center, you’re part of a community committed to your well-being and recovery.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with substance addiction, it’s time to reclaim control of your life. Insight Recovery Center offers the expertise, care, and support needed to guide you through these challenging times toward a future of sobriety and health.

Contact us today online or call 828.826.1376 to learn more about our programs and how we cater specifically to men’s recovery needs. Your path to a brighter, substance-free future begins with a single step. Reach out to Insight Recovery Center in Asheville, NC, and start your journey to recovery now.

Together, we can break the chains of addiction and forge a path to lasting health and happiness.